Results Student and teacher evaluation

  • Here are the results of the evaluation of the project.


    Teacher's evaluation:

    Results teacher evaluation drive.docx


    All three partners agree in most aspects of the project:

    The set project goals have been achieved.

    All partners have enjoyed the project and have learned a lot.

    The only negative issue has been the non active part of one partner.

    The admirable issue has been the effort of the two partners who continued working on the project during the lockdown period.


    Student's evaluation:

    Results students evaluation.docx

    All students loved the project and its topic the bees.

    All project activities are mentioned in what they like best. Not even 1 thing they didn't like.

    They learnt most about team work, use of ICT, environmental issues of our plant and about bees.

    Some learnt more English, some learnt less.

    All students want to continue working in eTwinning projects and they thank their teachers for makeing it possible.