• Everybody at school and in local community knows about things we do in the project thanks to the eTwinning board in our classroom and information on school website:

    In Slovakia



    In Spain:

    Our school community has not only be informed about the project, but they were also engaged in the project activities: strike for the planet, baking cookies and cake at home with the parents, a special esafety seminar for the parents and project homework like the gadget survey and the bee expert video.

    This is the eTwinning page on our school blog: http://www3.gobiernodecanarias.org/medusa/edublog/ceiplarosacaminoviejo/proyectos/etwinning/

    Project results were shown to the whole school on boards in and outside the school.


    Some Tweets were made:

    Publications on our school blog:

    During lockdown the students continued working at home on activities in the Twinspace. Most parents have seen and sometimes helped their children with the online activities. See the folder Lockdown activities Spain in Files.

    Parents woke up their children early so they could join the Zoom meeting with Slovakia.

    Because of the lockdown, we couldn't celebrate World Bee Day at school, where families and bee experts and the agriculture councilar from our town were invited. We planned to get the local press involved, but it wasn't possible:(