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    Polish students have made bee paintings in their Art classes. Their beautiful works of art are uploaded to Twinspace on the page “Bee an artist”: 

    1. Take a good look and enjoy the 9 works of art.
    2. Imagine that each one is the cover of a book.
    3. Pick one and make up a title for the book.
    4. Write in a couple of sentences what the story is about.
    5. Recommend the book.
    6. Post your work on the digital wall (Twinboard)below.

    To carry out this activity (in English) you can use a dictionary and / or translator.

    Watch this mini video tutorial how to use an online translator:

    Write short, simple sentences in the Present tense.


    To post on the Twinboard:

    -Add item

    - Write your title in Title

    - Write the story in Description .Add your name

    - Click on Image

    - Select image (all paintings are in Images)

    - Click on your art work photo

    - Click on Save

    Look at the examples from Annette on the Twinboard


  • We invent stories to the art work:Bee Books

    Bee magic

    Belinda is an unhappy bee. She doesn’t like to be yellow with black stripes. She feels ugly. She wants to be a pretty bee. Her favourite colour is blue and she wants to be a blue bee. She learns magic spells from a book trying to become a blue bee. The bee magic get’s her into big trouble..
    This story is so exciting and fun, a good read from the beginning to the end! Annette

    I'm scared!

    It’s busy in the beehive. It’s Spring. The bees start to fly out of the beehive to look for nectar and polen. Bobby doesn’t want to go out of the beehive. He is scared of ...flying! Daddy bee organizes a competition: the bee that makes Bobby fly, wins 3 cells of honey!

    Read about the crazy competition and don’t stop until the end.

    Bibi the bee girl

    Bibi is a girl. She is 12 years old. One day she picks flowers on the field and she discovers that she can talk to the bees. The bees are sick of the flowers with pesticides. They are looking for a new hive and healthy flowers. Bibi wants to help the bees but that isn’t easy. Then she has got a great idea!

    Read the funny adventures of how Bibi finds a new hive for the bees.

    Bess make honey on top of a tree

    In a smoll forest I found a honeycomb on a tree branch .Bees flew from flower to flower because they were very restless and I did not know why.I sat and wached an exciting show and suddenly I heard the buzz and in the air there was a cloud of bees that later settled on another bush . Raúl

    The adventurer Ana

    Ana is a bee that likes to dream. Lives in a nice place of huge trees. She explore the outside living exciting adventures and dangerous advances. His mother is the queen of the huge beehive. Ana hides a great secret, disappears and appears elsewhere.

    Accompany Ana in her adventures where strange is normal and dreams become wonderful Works of art. SERGIO DARIEL

    A hive in danger!

    Letizia was a beautiful queen. He lived in a huge hive that appeared on a green tree. There were lived her friends the bees. They were all very happy. They made the best honey in the place. One night, a strange elf told Letizia that her hive was going to be attacked by a horrifying swarm of wasps. It seemed like a bad dream. The next day, she called her entire friends. She devised a good but very dangerous plan. He wanted to prevent his hive from disappearing and to have a great party. Read how Letizia and her friends discover a solution to their big problem.

    Life in the hive.

    A bee lived in a nice hive, hear name was Berta and she got up early every day, to go work and collect pollen and have adventures.
    I recommend this book because it is very interesting and fun.


    She was a ver y smart bee and she was the queen and she found a perfect tres yo make a honeycomb and the little bee asked the queen how to make a honeycomb and the queen bee taught her and the next da y the queen could not fly Everything went to helio her and little she recovered and began to fly. And I recommend it because it is very interesting and fun the adventurers and teaching life in a hive. Yamilé


    A bee named Frida came out of her hive to look for pollen from a wonderful sunflowe.When she got to the sunflower she had some wasps, Frida started talking and playing moving her wings and became friends with the wasps.Frida, who is nice,took her to her tree where he had his hive, the wasp introduced themselves to the other bees and there they became friends and had a party. I recommend it because bees are important. IKER

    "THE BEES"

    Bees collect pollen from flowers, move it to the hive, there it is transformed into rich honey, which has great properties for health and people use to cook.
    The interesting world of the bees.
    Javier Pérez Rodríguez

    Quaratined bees

    I have a bees called Nani. It is quarantined because there is a a virus.Coronavirus!!! Read it now.Come on .... Marina


    Once there was an enormous and dangerous bee. But he is nice. He likes to hide and to party.
    One day, he goes on adventure to another hive and he gets to know more and more bees who are happier.
    The end. Valentino


    The most dangerous thing for bees is to return home after their hard work fron flower to flower.
    Ther horrible contamination and poison make it even more difficult, but we bees are very intelligent and when we get to the hive we have a great party.

    La aventuras de Leire y Virginia

    A via una vez una niña que encontro una abeja y la cuido planto flores en su jardín la abeja la havia cojido cariño a la niña y la abeja costruyo una colmana el padre se iso apicultor.

    the bees

    Bees collect pollen to make honey , all day they get up to make honey , and when they have honey they take it to the hive , to be picked up by a beekeeper. Marco 😁

    The girl and bees

    Once there was a girl who loved to be with bees and spent every day with bees and she was the bees' best friend. One day there was a big wave of snow and the girl escaped with the bees. The next day, he found them under the snow and rescued them. If it weren't for that girl, the bees would have died in the snow. Final. Valentino