World Bee Day

  • 20th May  World Bee Day!

    Since 2018 there is a World Bee Day. The disappearance of the bees in the world is a serious problem for everybody. Bees are the main polonizers amongst insects. Without bees there are no fruits and vegetables.


    Save the bees!!!

    Pesticides kill the bees. Agriculture must become sustainable for the planet and the bees.

    Help the bees!!

    Grow lots of plants with flowers in your garden or in pots on your terrace and enjoy the buzz of the bees:)


    Enjoy the bees!!

    Bees are wonderful creatures. Here some beautiful videos and photos of endemic bees of the Canary islands. Enjoy! 

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    Video of the Black bees, flying in and out their beehive


    Video of the blue banded bee, so nicely striped:


    Link to incredible photos of Canarian bees: