Find the bees of your beehive

  • Bees, you know in what beehive you are, but do you know who the international  bees from your beehive are? Find out and win 2 honey drops for your beehive!


    beehive 1

    beehive 2 beehive 3 beehive 4 beehive 5 beehive 6
    spanish bees Lucía Janine Bruno Iker  María Aldo
      Alexia Valentino Pablo Yair Lorenzo Ángela
      Marco Gorka Yamilé Raúl Hugo Iriome
      Javier Leire Sergio Nerea Marina Leila
    slovakian bees Vladimir Matúš Ivan Emma Sofia Jakub
      Eva Ema Michaela Veronika Č Carolina Veronika H.
        Paulína   Erik    

    1. Go to "MEMBERS", write the name of your international bee in "search", click on the name to open the profile, read the profile

    2. Open the virtual wall (Padlet) of your international bees, click on the correct link:

    Spanish bees:

    Slovakian bees:

    Your teacher will give you the password for the Padlet;)

    3. Find the correct photo to the description. Write the number of the photo next to the name on your worksheet. 

    4. If you have found all then go to "Forum" and write your answers in this forum: "Find the bees of your beehive. Answers"

                                          Good buzz buzz luck!