Merry Bee Christmas Cards voting

  • Children in all three school made Christmas postcards with a bee theme for eachother. They are sent by post.


    Which of them do you like most?    ​​​​​​​

    Cards made by the Slovakian and Spanish bees from all beehives

    Vote for the HappyBee Christmas cards.pptx


    Have a look at the Christmas cards created by the Polish beekeepers and vote.



    And the winners are....  The results of Slovak and Spanish voting for the best Polish cards

    winners Polish cards.docx

    The results of Polish voting for the slovak and spanish cards. The points of the 4 cards each beehive made (2 by Spain and 2 by Slovakia) are added together.


    And the honey drops won by each beehive are.... ​​​​​​​

      beehive 1 beehive 2 beehive 3 beehive 4 beeehive 5 beehive 6
    points 1230 1159 1404 1097 1318 1246
    honey drops      3       2      6      1       5      4