Young Entrepreneurs



    Naime prepares a video about Democracy and Global Challenges by inviting his family members,friendsand others outside the project.

    Kutay starts a discussion about Water Pollution and invites his friends  to join it.

    Yaren creates a survey on democracy and citizenship and invites her friends

     Elif creates a survey  about democracy for his friends to take it

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       Survey Responses by Yaren/TR

    Survey Responses by Elif/TR



    Darija,Kamile and Erdvile are inviting their friends from other countries to create breaking news announcement and want they to be creative!



    Greek students prepare a school video acting as entrepreneur young people.Also,Teo is inviting his friends  to add their  forums, post their comments, make their suggestions, discuss current issues on a website he created.Ioanna O. is inviting her friends to take a survey on the project themes.






    German students  invite their  project  friends  to take part in a survey on "the influence of the Corona Virus on Democracy and Citizenship"


     French students invite their frends to create a collaborative Google drive drawings

    Italian students are inviting their friends to share their opinions on global issue-climate change





    According to the Survey Results Naime's work from Turkish team and the work of the Darija,Erdvile and Kamile were equallly voted .So we have WINNERS from two different schools.











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