Action 2:Values


    Values is the 2nd main activity of the project.Within the scope of this activity, the students will work together with mixed European teams.The main theme is the basic  values.We give a single basic value for each mixed international team to work on. Students will first watch the recommended vidoes and read the article, then discuss on the Value  of their  mixed teams in the Forum.They will exchange and discuss about the Value with their friends. After this stage, the students in each mixed team will start to make a single paragraph of Value-Land description and then they will  design their own Value-Land.


    We intend the students to gain more positive attitude towards the common values such as human dignity,respect,justice,equality...etc and act accordingly
    and develop their English and ICT skills

    With a series of activities to be held within the scope of this main activity, students will have the opportunity to reinforce the achievements of different school curricula in the partner schools.(History-Geography-Civic Studies-Essay Writing-English-ICT...)

    At the same time they will have the opportunity to practice different school disciplines in an interdisciplinary approach simultaneously.They  collaborate, communicate,develop the skills such as entrepreneurship, teamwork, communication, strategic thinking, designing,writing,decision making, creative thinking, problem solving..etc.


    Dear Students,we suggest you a few web tool  in order to carry out description and designing tasks. If you wish, you can suggest suitable web 2 tools to perform the tasks given and use other suitable tools.

    Dotstorming-Linoit -Google Slides-Twiddala-Cospace




    Watch the suggested videos and read the article about the Values


    Go to the Forum and exchange your ideas about the given topic of your mixed European team.It is time to discuss and exchange your ideas with your team members


    Describe the Value-Land of your Mixed European Team.Work on the Google Slides


    Design and  the Value-Land of your Mixed European Team (after describing it with your team-mates)



    Mentor Teachers,please scan the students' comments about the values on the Forums and summarize them by taking account the highlighting points regarding the  Values.Share what you get in the page of "YoungAction on Values"





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