RECIPE festival

  • Let's cook and find out more about each other's favourite dishes!


    Spain's recipes


    A traditional recipe from Spain cooked to perfection for you by Sofia. A winter dish, strong and energetic.




    Torrijas (Spanish Easter Dessert)

    It is difficult to pronounce, but very easy to make, and delicious to taste. Watch how it is made:


    Expert cooks Alma and Inés will be available for you via Zoom to help out with your participation at cooking torrijas. Or you can also show them your version of torrijas.


    Saturday April 24 from 10 to 11 CET.

    Find the link here: LINK


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    Croquetas de jamón (Ham Croquettes)


    Croqueta derives from French "croquer", to crunch, and thence "croquette", "little crunch". Carmen and Dariana have taken their time to show us how to cook them in no time. Take their challenge and you'll be all the merrier!


    Expert cooks Carmen and Dariana will be available for you via Zoom to help out with your participation at cooking croquetas. Or you can also show them your version of croquetas.


    Saturday April 24 from 11 to 12 CET.

    Find the link here:




    Tortilla de patata (Spanish omelette)


    Learn how to cook Paula's personal recipe of the megapopular Spanish potato omelette. Watch how it is made:



    Paella (Traditional Sunday lunch recipe)


    Carmen will guide you on how to cook this traditional dish from the Mediterranean coast of Valencia. Will you accept the challenge?


    Expert cooks Paula and Carmen will be available for you via Zoom to help out with your participation at cooking either paella or tortilla de patata. Or you can also show them your particular version of paella or tortilla.


    Saturday April 24 from 10 to 11 CET.

    Find the link here:

    Tortilla and Paella Videoconference
    24 abr. 2021 10:00 a. m. Madrid

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    Floretas (Flowers)


    You don't need to wait till Springtime to have some flowers in your kitchen. Try this delicious and simple recipe! Watch how it is made:





    Lentils are quite popular across Spain in the winter months. Follow this simple recipe by Victoria. Watch how they are made:



    Migas manchegas


    This traditional dish from "La Mancha" has been historically associated with poor villages, shepherds and reusing odd pieces of bread. Energetic and popular recipe for the cold months. Simple but delicious!



    Cachopo steak


    Would you like to try your hand at this powerful recipe from the north? Feel at home in Asturias with our Cachopo steak. 

    N.B.: when we say "jam", we mean "ham" ;-)





    Latvia's recipes

     Cold Red Beet Soup 



                      Latvian Potato Salad (Rasols)

    The Hirshon Latvian Potato Salad – Rasols.docx


    Potato Pancakes (Kartupeļu pankūkas)

    Rudolfs has prepared a video on how to prepare potato pancakes. Will you try yourself?


    Norway's recipes


    Norwegian Lapper by Brage


    Good morning porridge

    (4 servings)

    10 dried apricot (you can also use other fruits or berries. 

    1 liter (4 cups) water

    3 dl ( 1 /4 cups) rolled oat

    3 dl (1/2 cup) wheat bran

    3 dl ( 1/3 cup) sunflower seeds

    3 tablespoons hazelnuts

    1/2 teaspoon salt



    Cut the apricots or other dried fruits into small pieces and let simmer in the water for 10 minutes. If you use fresh fruits or berries, you can add them before you serve the porridge.

    Add all ingrediens except salt and cook for 5 minutes. Season with salt. Serve with sweet og cultured milk or yogurt.



    Meat soup

    (4 servings)

    800 g ( boneless front-quarter meat

    1 liter (4 cups) stock

    1/2 teaspoon dried thyme

    1 onion

    1 rutabaga

    2-4 carrots

    1 celeriac

    1 leek

    4 potatoes

    1/2 teaspoon salt and pepper



    Cut the meat into 3 cm cubes. Cook in stock with thyme and tender, around 40 minutes. Clean and cut the vegetables into large chunks and add during the last 15 minutes of cooking time. Season with salt, pepper and more thyme, if desired. Serv with crusty bread or rolls.

    Helpful hint: This soup is excellent when made with moose or reindeer. 




    5 dl powdered sugar

    5 dl  almonds

    7 eggs

    1 dl creem

    125 gr sugar

    250 gr butter

    2 ts vanilla sugar

    Cake base: Grind the almonds and mix in the powdered sugar. Beat the egg whites stiff and stir it into the mixture. Pour the mixture into a greased springform pan of 24 cm and bake in the owen for 30 minutes at 180*

    Filling: Boil up cream and sugar. Whip the eggyolks until they become thick and creamy. Carefully add this to the cream and heat to just below the boiling point whilie stirring. Cool before mixing in butter. Add vanilla sugar to taste to the mixture. Divide the cake base and distribute half the cream between the layers and add the rest to the top.

    Decorate the cake with chocolate or almonds



    Italy's recipes


    Gnocchi al ragù by Sara

    (and a good chance to learn how to pronounce 'gnocchi' too!!)


    Risotto agli asparagi by Matilde


    Torta sbrisolona by Manuel


    Piadina romagnola by Laura V.


    Tortellini emiliani by Laura C.


    Pizzoccheri by Eleonora P.


    Crostata by Eleonora F.


    Spaghetti alla carbonara by Beatrice


    Torta Margerita by Maia


    Tiramisù in German


    Germany's recipes

    Schneegestöber (Snowstorm or Raspberry dessert)

    Voted as the favourite recipe idea by the German students:

    Ingredients for 4 persons: 500 g low-fat quark (or mascarpone), 250 - 500 g fresh raspberries (depending on the season) or frozen raspberries in winter, 50 g powdered sugar, 1 packet of vanilla sugar, 200 ml of sweet cream, meringue dots as desired

    Rinse fresh raspberries very briefly in a colander with cold water, drain and transfer to a bowl. Then sprinkle with sugar, mash a little with a spoon and let it steep.
    Place the frozen raspberries in a bowl to thaw, sprinkle the raspberries with sugar while they are still frozen, allow to thaw.
    Put some particularly beautiful berries from the raspberries aside for decoration.
    Mix the remaining raspberries with the quark. Depending on your own taste, maybe a little more sugar. Whip the cream with 1 packet of vanilla sugar to make a stiff whipped cream. Fold in loosely under the raspberry curd.

    Optional: crush the meringue dots in a plastic bag and fold in.


    Bratapfel (Baked Apple)

    This dessert is enjoyed especially in the colder season.

    Ingredients: apples, cranberry-nut mix, marzipan (You can also change the filling to your liking with e.g. raisins, cinnamon, sugar, ...)


    Karoffelpuffer / Reibekuchen / Rösti (Potato Pancakes)

    Depending on where in Germany you are, different names are used for this traditional recipe. It's easy to make and a staple of the German cuisine. 

    (Check out Rudolf's video for a similar version of this recipe.)