• Transnational project work is enabled by short-term mobilities (STM), long-term mobilities (LTM) and virtual short-term mobilites (STM). Find out more about the mobilities here.




    EUthopia: Using Memories to Construct the Future of Europe can be divided to three phases: History - Europe - Future


    Using Memories (History): How did people live in the 1950s-1970s? What were their thoughts, insights on the topics gender equality, pollution, and migration? 

    Comparing video interviews helps participants to discover differences and similarities. 


    to construct (Europe): How are we dealing with the topics today? Long-term exchange students function as trans-national analysts to identify the differences in the lives of people today. 


    the Future of Europe (Future): How Do we want to live in the future? Are/Is there a best-practice we all should adopt? 

    Due to the pandemic two events were held as digital events. Students cooperated through video conferences and shared digital documents