LOGO competition


    Our project "EUthopia: Using Memories to Construct the Future of Europe" needs a logo. It will identify our project in all the documents produced within the two years of its duration. Join the competion now to win. 

    Aim: Create an original logo connected to our main ideas: Europe, history, future.


    The Logo must 

    • be connected to the central ideas of our project: Europe, history, future,
    • be scalable, that is, identifiable in big sizes and small sizes (icon-scale). Alternatively, two versions can be provided (big, small) as long as both versions are mutually related and easily identifiable.
    • use colours easy to reproduce in electronic format and printed format.
    • be original, it cannot be taken or based on other existing logos, especially those with authoring rights.
    • format for the logo will be JPG, PNG or GIF images, and uploaded on TwinSpace in the dedicated Folder (Materials)

    Deadline for submission: 9.11.2019 (upload to TwinSpace folder Materials

    Who can join: all project members

    Prize: each country decides for a prize (i.e. a voucher to spend in a local shop) in case of a national winner .

    Copyright: Accepting the prize means unlimited cession of use to the five schools, notwithstanding the owner's copyright, who will accept the license Creative Commons (by-nd).


    Have fun!