Long-Term Mobilities (LTM)

  • 2019-2021


    Long-Term Mobilites (LTM)


    Long-Term Mobilites beween Germany + Spain and Spain + Norway help to further school integration during the EUthopia project. Students stay at least two months in the partner's country and visit school there. They fully participate in life in their host country and help to further the Erasmus+ idea and spirit. Participants also play in important role in the EUthopia21 project as they are working for a longer time in the project and can function as home country experts in their host country. 

    Some visits had to be cut short or postponed due to the starting of the COVID19 pandemic. 


    Some inspiration below: 


    Spanish living in Norway

    Visiting a fishing village

    Games night



    Spanish living in Germany


    More inspiration on our final exhibition panels (on the right side)