Second meeting in Germany July 2021

  • From 12th to 16th July, 2021 coordinating teachers from all five countries attended the short-term joint staff training event "Pesenting and analysing school structures and participating possibilities of (professional) groups involved in schools" in Bad Salzdetfurth, Germany.

    In this workshop, all five partner schools presented their school structures in detail and participation possibilities of all professional groups that are involved in their schools in general. At the end of the workshop, all participating teachers found out about the general structure of the school system of the German, Turkish, Lithuanian, Macedonian and Romanian partner schools, self-responsibility of the schools, legal participation possibilities and influence of teachers/pupils/parents or legal guardians and other groups at their schools, practical collaboration among them.

    All teachers discussed the results, compared participation possibilities at their schools and created a written document or Powerpoint demonstration that sums up the results of the school structures and participation possibilities of the groups that are involved at schools. The results of this workshop can be found below:

    Participation possibilities of professional groups in Lithuania.docx

    General Structure of Turkish School System.pdf

    SOU 'Ljupco Santov' - Kocani.pdf

    Educational system in Romania July 2021.ppt

    Structure of participation IGS Bad Salzdetfurth 12.07.2021.docx


    What is more, we all had the opportunity to participate in some lessons, listen about democracy, tolerance and participation in a workshop "Germany international" and even had a class outing with students to a mobile hen house ending in tasting the most delicious homemade pancakes prepared by one of the student's families. 


    Germany had a lot to offer - from tasting local cuisine and homemade food to visiting some cultural spots, such as Marienburg Castle and bustling port town Hamburg.


    Now we are all looking forward to meeting again in Turkey for the first mobility with students.