Online meeting, June 2020

  • On 4th June, 2020 an online meeting between the teachers-coordinators of the project was held using the application Zoom.


    The purpose of this meeting was talking about future activities and the mobilities with students.

    Due to the newly developed situation and the pandemic of the Covid-19 virus 2 of the scheduled mobilities with students were cancelled and postponed indefinitely. So the first mobility in Istanbul, Turkey (29th March – 4th April) and the second mobility in Kocani, Macedonia (27th May – 02nd June) were postponed for the next school year. Also the second teachers meeting in Germany planned for the beginning of July was postponed.

    During the online meeting teachers discussed about rescheduling the postponed mobilities and prolonging the project for maximum of six months. So instead of finishing in September 2021, the project could end in February 2022. Teachers talked about future activities and planning of the mobilities with students.

    As a conclusion they decided, if starting from September the project can continue without any further postponements, to keep the same order of the mobilities, thus meaning:

    • October 2020 – Tukey;
    • March 2021 – N. Macedonia;
    • May 2021 – Romania;
    • June/ July 2021 – Germany (second teachers meeting);
    • October 2021 – Lithuania;
    • January/ February (2022) – Germany.