Students' activities in Marijampolė Sūduvos gymnasium, Lithuania

  • Participation in a school‘s self-evaluation process. Students were asked to answer the questions in a questionnaire in order to find out their contribution and participation in various activities, and if they feel belonging to the school‘s community and are active participants in improving school‘s life. About 20% of students participated in a survey. Teachers also were asked to express their opinion on students‘ participation. There were 66% who answered the questions.

    Results showed that:

    76% of students feel that they are full-fledged members of school community and state that people working in a gymnasium support their initiatives and leadership.

    About half of the respondents are actively involved in activities organised by school.

    More than a half state that they can freely express their opinion on different issues and their opinion is respected and acclaimed.

    56% of students believe that Student Council represents their views.

    72% state that they trust the elected Student Council members and that the whole election process is organised fairly and anyone could participate.

    According to teachers they support their students, their initiatives , but there are very few  students who do that and want to become responsible.

    To sum up, the survey results showed that our school is open to leadership and supports the initiatives of students but  our students are not active and interested enough to participate. 

    Students' activities year 2019/2020 

    Administration meetings with newly arrived students at the gymnasium. Objective: students express expectations, observations, make suggestions for the improvement of gymnasium activities.

    Commemoration of the European Day of Languages. Organizers - III class gymnasium students. Participants - the whole community.

    Objective: To inform the gymnasium community about the linguistic diversity of Europe, the commonalities and differences of countries, endangered languages.

    Young police supporters.

    Objective: Introduce students to their activities and goals, invite them to join the team and its initiatives.

    Student parliament/council elections.

    Civic education.  "We are preparing a rally near the White House." Participants II-III classes.
    Events to commemorate Defenders of Freedom Day: Joining the global civic initiative "Memory is alive as it testifies". Memory run dedicated to R. Juknevičius and others who died on January 13. Participants: school community.
    Anti-Corruption Week events: Moral education lessons “The best recipe - how to curb corruption? ”2nd grade students, History and citizenship lesson“ Start with yourself ”1st grade students.
    Raising Awareness 'WITHOUT BULLYING'. Participants: school community
    Project "Environmental pollution and our community's contribution to climate protection." Participants: I-II classes