Students' activities in Ljupco Santov-Kocani, N.Macedonia

  • Evaluation of students' participation at High School "Ljupco Santov"

    Students at our school participate in the School's Youth Organisation "EDINSTVO" (Unity). The organisation has 64 members (2 representatives chosen from each class).

    In school year 2019/2020, 62% participated regularly to each meeting they had. 

    Almost 70% of all members in the organisation feel they are contibuting to improving the school conditions.

    About 22% of the elected members said they had never attended a meeting, nor they know about the structures, the goals and the activities of the organisation.

    Members of the organisation feel they have full support of the school management in regard to their activities. 

    Activities they organised in the school year 2019/ 2020:

    OCTOBER 2019

    1) Art and essay competition for Halloween

    Themes for the competition were: Are we afraid of the dark? and When the fear awakens...

    Students wrote songs, essays, drew drawings and expressed their creativity.

    2) New cooperation

    A memorandum of cooperation was signed in Delchevo today with the high school "Metodi Mitevski Brico" and the high school "Aco Ruskoski" -Berovo. 

    NOVEMBER 2019

    3) Literary meeting

    Literary meeting with the literary club "Longing" which was held at the high school "Ljupco Santov".

    4) World Chocolate Day

    The World Chocolate Day was marked by the youth organization "Edinstvo" with giving out chocolates and funny messages that put a smile on your face.

    DECEMBER 2019

    5) New Year's Magic

    The members of "Edinstvo" created a New Year's atmosphere in the whole school - from the hallways to the teacher's office. We decorated together, to enjoy the upcoming holidays together.

    6) International Day of Persons with Disability

    December 3, International Day of Persons with Disabilities was traditionally celebrated in our school under the motto: "Although we are different, we are the same." The special educator together with the students held an inclusion workshop with many interesting activities. We believe in cooperation, we believe in equality!

    7) New Year's Eve Juice Bar

    The members of the youth organization "Edinstvo" through a free New Year's Eve Juice bar reminded the students from both shifts that healthy food can be tasty and fun and prepared a real vitamin refreshment. New Year decorations, Christmas carols, fresh juice that we made ourselves, lots of fruit and lots of smiles.

    8) New meeting room

    The youth organization "Edinstvo" has its own room where meetings, further activities, debates, film screenings and all other projects that we will work on will be held. Thanks to the high school "Ljupco Santov", "Amphenol technology", "Red Cross" and all the others who donated and helped us to have our own corner.

    9) Debate "I, the manager"

    A debate was held, with which the fourth year students of economics got the opportunity to hear the experiences of the mayor and entrepreneur Nikolcho Iliev, the manager of "Buchim" Nikolajcho Nikolov, and the general director on Amphenol technology Sasko Nakov. Our guests talked about their life path that led them to their current positions and answered questions from students.

    10) Peer education for gender equality

    Members held the first peer education for gender equality which took place through two workshops in the school. This workshop is part of the project implemented by the association Glasen Tekstilec Stip within the Foundation The Kvinna till Kvinna and the Organization of Women of the Municipality of Sveti Nikole, and financed by the Delegation of the European Union. 

    11) Training in Krushevo

    Five members of "Edinstvo" represented our youth organization at the four-day training in Krushevo entitled "Strengthening participation and democracy in school communities - best practices of student participation in the European Union." Through socializing, teamwork, many workshops, activities, lectures by great leaders and active participation of our members, they gained experiences and knowledge that they will share with the entire youth organization.

    12) Traditional basketball match

    For the 11th time, the traditional competition was held, but this year differently - the professors and students with mixed teams prepared an uncertain game for us until the last seconds.

    13) Eco debate

    At the initiative of "Edinstvo" an eco-debate was held with the director of the high school "Ljupco Santov" where he shared plans to raise environmental awareness among students, and members of the youth with their ideas and suggestions suggested how the school to become an even cleaner and more pleasant environment for all students.

    FEBRUARY 2020

    14) Workshop

    Youth organization "Edinstvo" - host of a workshop in order to establish new contacts, friendships and cooperation, and our guests were the members of high school "Vancho Prke" -Vinica. With a rotating chat system and interesting topics, everyone got a chance to meet everyone and make lasting friendships. Through games and socializing we met new people with whom we will work on new projects.

    15) Educational quiz

    "Edinstvo" in cooperation with the Youth Club of the Red Cross Kocani today held an educational quiz with the motto "There's nothing more romantic than protection" which tested students' knowledge of protection, prevention, sexually transmitted diseases and similar topics. Each correct answer was rewarded with a free condom, and each incorrect one - with explanation and education.

    16) Another workshop

    Representatives of "Edinstvo" present at the workshop for EU House phone application, where our members through brainstorming, discussions and teamwork with schools from all over Macedonia contributed to creating a basis for the telephone application.

    17) With love for love

    In the spirit of love, "Edinstvo" organized the action "With love for love". In front of the bakery "Bobby" and in the high school we sold pancakes made with a lot of love, and the money will be donated to the Association of the Blind and Deaf. Because everyone deserves equality, care for their needs and love, not only on this day, but every day!

    MARCH 2020

    18) International Women's day

    On March 8, we surprised the teachers and brightened their day, but also their office with beautiful flowers that will decorate their room for a long time. Flowers, beautiful message and sweets - our way to wish a happy 8th March to all strong mothers, women, girls. They deserve it.