First meeting in Germany, September 2019

  • From September 29th - October 5th, 2019, the first meeting and the first learning, teaching, training event for teachers of the project "Participation of pupils at European schools: How democratic are our schools for pupils in Europe?” was held in Bad Salzdetfurth, Germany. It was attended by representatives from the partner schools from Germany, Macedonia, Lithuania, Turkey and Romania.

    The meeting and the training were done according to the planned agenda.

     30.09.2019 - The participants were received at the school by the project coordinator Thomas Stelzer, as well as by the school principal. The participants had the opportunity to see the school and get to know the other participants in the project. The teachers discussed the planned activities that follow, the goals of the project, the organizational and financial challenges they will face. The participants worked on planning the mobilities that are yet to come in 2020: in Turkey in March 2020, in Macedonia in May 2020 and in Romania in October 2020.

    01.10.2019 – 04.10.2019 – During the meeting the teachers had a workshop and training for the eTwinning platform. The training was conducted by the teacher from Macedonia. For that purpose, before the meeting in Germany, an eTwinning project was created in which the teachers were invited. This platform will be used during the project for exchange of information, introduction of the participants, monitoring of the activities and at the same time it will serve as a kind of tool for dissemination of the project goals. During this workshop the teachers learned how to invite students to the project and how to enable students to communicate in a safe environment. Several TwinSpace pages were created and some students were invited. Teachers were also introduced to some useful web tools. During this training, the teachers were obliged to transfer their knowledge to the other participants in the project from their project teams. This applies primarily to student training.

    The participants also had activities that were aimed at better understanding and developing cooperation between the project partners through a joint review of the historical and cultural sights of the host country Germany.

    The planned goals of this meeting and training were fully achieved through efficient work and mutual cooperation of the partners. The representatives of the host country Germany, especially the project coordinator Thomas Stelzer, have made a great contribution to this, with their organization, hospitality and selfless support for the realization of the planned activities.