A report on the meeting

  • Erasmus+ project in Germany: Pupil practiced a "Participation Now Day" and created a written project summary

    The fourth Erasmus+ schoolpartnership mobility took place in Bad Salzdetfurth, Germany from 06th June to 10th June 2022. The North Macedonian team delayed a little bit because of airplane cancellations at their day of arrival so they participated online on Monday, 06th June 2022. The other days, they were in Bad Salzdetfurth to take part face-to-face. Additionally to the Turkish participants in Bad Salzdetfurth, there were seven Turksh pupils participated online from Istanbul as well.

    At the first day, we met in the canteen of IGS Bad Salzdetfurth. That day, the guests had a guided tour in the school building. At lunch, the participants cooked spagetti together in the two school kitchens. In the workshops, the students were trained how to give workshops at their own schools about specific topics, such as how to speak in front of people, how to write a political motion, or how to behave in a discussion. The structures and participation possibibilities at the schools were memorized.

    Structures and participation possibilities at European schools

    Overview about the workshops

    Workshop 1: “Participation at our school: How does our school work and how can I get involved?"

    Workshop 2: "Applications for change: How to write a motion to the headmaster?!"

    Workshops 3: "How to structure speeches?!"

    Workshop 4: "How to speak in front of people?!

    Workshop 5: "How to conduct in a discussion?!


    At the second day, we walked around in Bad Salzdetfurth. There we learnt about possibilities how people can participte in their local community. Some example, for instance, at the development of the market place, memorias, or street art were shown and explained. At the end of the day, we all deepened our experiences at a camp fire evening. There we had a camp fire with marsh mallows and an Erasmus+ song book so that we sang different kind of songs together, e.g. the European anthem.


    At the third day, we went to Hildesheim. Tehre we visited the local youth parliament. We had a great discussion about how to implement such a youth parliament, the challenges and chances for the future. 

    At the fourth day, we went to Hanover. There we vsisited the Federal parilament of the state of Lower Saxony. The member of parliament, Mr Markus Brinkmann, as well as Mr Pohlmann from the Ministry of European Affairs talked about importants topics, such as the European Union in general, the importance of Europe in the world, or the expansion of the EU regarding Turkey and North Macedonia.

    At the fifth day, we had an evaluation of the project. A written summery was finished, too. An evaluation of the project was documented on posters.