Teachers' Final Assessment

  • Assessing is never easy, but one thing we are sure of: through this project we have developed ways to make learning Communication, Collaboration, Critical Reflection and Creativity clear and accessible for all our students. With this approach, they have developed greater capacities for grit, resilience, empathy and the ability to think and work with others. So, as we weigh our choices and look at all our students have accomplished in such a short period of time, we couldn’t be prouder.

    As for us, teachers, we feel that, overall, this project has allowed us to gain a better understanding of how different teaching methods are meant to look, sound and feel. Being able to count on Ignacy Szczeniowski, our Mentor where organizing and judging live debates was concerned,  helped us reflect on our teaching experiences, leading to a deeper understanding of debating as a teaching/learning strategy.

    All in all, we believe we have improved our professional practice and contributed to the effectiveness, vitality, and self-renewal of our school. We have worked well as a group. We have supported one another and we feel that the network we have built will continue to connect our schools and ultimately help develop creative learning environments by sharing and fostering  innovative and effective practices.

    Click below to check the assessment form created and our responses.