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    Portugal - Bragança

    22nd November 2019

    And our project starts being talked about and presented as an example of a good teaching practice during a training course in Bragança: eTwinning: European teachers in a community.

    Here are some pictures: 


    Throughout the year the project and its activities often appeared in the school's website and media pages. Below are the links and evidence of these articles/news. Click on the images to access the pages.


    School's website


    School's social media


    BôJornal - the school's online newspaper never forgot to mention our project and some of the speeches that you find on the page Our students' speeches were broadcast in BôRádio.


    The project has also been disseminated through other social media, namely through different etwinning groups on Facebook and a Wakelet created to disseminate projects and good practice.


    A lot more was planned to make this project well-known among and beyond the school community but the pandemic has postponed or even cancelled many of those events. The project was to be presented at this year's edition of Professores Inovadores com TIC (an international meeting of Innovative Teachers using ICT) and at the 4th Encontro de Boas Práticas ( a two-day training sessions and workshops for teachers nationwide). A poster was also to be presented at TIC@Portugal 2020. All these events have been postponed or are now on standby. However, the project will certainly be presented as soon as such events become a reality as we feel it may inspire teachers to replicate it.


    October 2019 in Warsaw school

    Information for all students, teachers and parents about a new eTwinning project - invitation.


    November 2019 - Erasmus+ KA1 course in Italy

    Presentation about Warsaw school, our library and eTwinning activities students participate in.

    The information presented to course participants from 4 European countries:

    Erasmus+ course and eTwinning.pdf

    Information about this project on the Warsaw school's web site and the link to the TwinSpace

    Warsaw school's web site

    Warsaw school's FaceBook site and information about WISE WORDS project

    Much information about WISE WORDS project was published on the FaceBook site, here is one of the latest posts:

    Croatian school

    Croatian school promoted the project on a Facebook page Moderna učionica, the page where the school publishes all important information on eTwinning and Erasmus activities:

    One of the students, Luka, wrote an article for school's online magazine Tabula Nova, titled My first eTwinning project.

    WISE WORDS as an important experience to share with other European teachers by public Erasmus+ project web site

    International cooperation by eTwinning


    Portugal - Madeira

    The Wise Words project was promoted in our school community through exhibitions, public presentations for other teachers and other classes and as way of sharing experiences on the Erasmus Days Celebration at our school. Information about it was also published in our schools' website and Facebook page.

    We had planned a final presentation for parents and other guests but due to the pandemic we had to cancel it. Still we decided to create an emagazine to showcase the work done by the students throughout the school year. All the students in class 11º1 participated in this project and we made a  point of working with all the teachers of this class, by colaborating and engaging in cross-curricular activities that allowed our students to apply a depth of skills to a progressively widening scope of situations and experiences, gaining new competencies, building relationships and assuming new roles.

    You can check out the emagazine by clicking below.


    The emagazine has also been posted on our school's website.



    In our school the project Wise Words has also been a success. Although we joined our partners a bit later, we were able to complete most of the activities because the students took to the project enthusiastically.



    17 LYCEUM of ATHENS (in Pagrati)

    It has been an invaluable learning activity that has been deeply appreciated by all students and teachers involved. We learnt a lot of new things and skills while making new friends from other European countries.

    Our school site has informed the school community about the project since the beginning of the school year. We also have a bulletin board with the names of all the schools in the project and information on the project  development. We are also making a poster to decorate our entrance wall permanently along with our other projects.

    The project is presented through facebook groups, our eTwinning community FB, sites both in Greek and English.

    We are grateful for this wonderful learning journey.

    wise words announcement 2019-2020.docx (2).pdf