Famous speeches

  • Here you can find examples of famous and impactful speeches. Listen to them, analyze them and decide on what makes a good speech.

    Marc Anthony's speech in Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare


    The Gettysburg address, Abraham Lincoln


    We shall fight on the beaches, Winston Churchill

    Never has so much..., Winston Churchill

    Blood, toil, sweat..., Winston Churchill

    I have a dream, Martin Luther King

    Ask not what your country..., J.F. Kennedy

    Ich bin ein Berliner, J.F. Kennedy

    Mr. Gorbachev..., Ronald Reagan

    The wreckers in our midst, Margaret Thatcher

    The lady's not for turning, Margaret Thatcher

    Text and video:


    Nelson Mandela

    Victory speech, Barack Obama

    From 13.15

    Bill Gates at Harvard

    Steve Jobs at Stanford