Online Safety and Wise Words

  • Towards online safety

    Everyone knows how important online safety is and how relevant its is to make students aware of it and to guide them so that they become responsible users of the Internet and good digital citizens.

    Our project has had this in mind from its very beginning. We have acted according to each country's laws and each school's policies in order to ensure the protection of our students, their image, their work, their data.

    Apart from the authorizations collected from students and their parents, we have maintained all the Twinspace pages accessible to eTwinning members only throughoout the project and just opened them to the public now so that they can be easily viewed and evaluated. All the videos that we had to upload to YouTube are unlisted and, consequently, can only be accessed by anyone who has the link. Besides specific accounts were created for this project so that teachers or students didn't have to use their own personal accounts.

    We have taught our students about copyright and how to create content that is either entirely original or that uses material from copyright free websites like Pexels, bensound, findsounds, e.t.c..

    While preparing the online debates and doing research or collecting arguments students were also made aware of the need to respect and credit sources.

    We hope to have contributed to a more responsible usage of the Internet and to an overall change in students' behaviour.