The Pen is Mightier than the Sword

  • Welcome to the first activity of our Project!


    Explore the power of words.

    Explore the power of writing; speaking; listening to words written by others or even you!


    The title of this activity is derived from a playwright:

    However, the main idea of the power of words had prevailed and circulated centuries ago.


    Explore resources on the power of words and Present your findings while developing critical thinking and communication skills via our common target language.

    Conduct research; take notes; rephrase; keep record of your links and resources; learn; cooperate; express your view; present, your findings and opinion, creatively in any form you like (ppt, article, poster, image, drawing, poem, video, podcast etc.), share; use the English Language and enjoy the process!

    Recommended Resources:

    Censored Films, Books, Songs.

    FIlms or Books on the power of words, debates, speeches, education.


    Bloggers - influencers

    Youtubers - influencers


    News on TV or Radio

    TedX talks

    Cultural /local beliefs


    Below are some Quotes of famous people as 'food for thought'. You could also find or create more quote images (taking your own photos if you wish) using the words of famous people in your country (poet, writer, artist, politician etc.) who have made an impact.

    More can be seen in the Images Folder. 





  • recommended activities

    Film and Audio Book on censorship - classic dystopian story - famous

    Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury

    Dead Poets Society

    The film on how a teacher of English (Robin Williams) with the help of poetry inspires his students to change their lives.