Special needs - the challenge of inclusion, Lisbon, February 2019

  • All the participants presented their country, school and especially work with SN students. We were exchanging experiences, aspects, differencies between educational systems in Portugal, Spain, Croatia, Italy, Lithuania, Poland, Germany, Slovenia etc.

    We listened and cooperated in lectures and workshops about blindness, deafness, autism in inclusive education. We were also put into a shoes of disabled person, we had to do some tasks with our eyes covered. Only with experiencing some difficulties one get some feeling how disabled person functions or with what diffuculties has to cope with.


    New skills and knowledge opened a new dimension and wider aspect of inclusion. One becomes more open, more tolerant, knows a little bit more about the difficulties with which has to cope blind, deaf or otherwise depriviliged person. 

    We  visited different privat and public school institutions and got insight view about inclusion.

    Something that made me thinking where are we...

    Type writer for Braill.

    Timetable for children with autism, so they know what comes next, because they need stable and repeating structured time at school to feel safe.

    One of places to relax and feel comfortable.

    Boccia game, introduced to us by APCAS, a society that works with crebral palsy.

    We compared how the school systems in our countries work and how is with inclusion.

    SEN _2019_ Erasmus CREF report.docx

    SEN _2019_ Erasmus report other group.docx

    I have more insight how school systems in different countries are organised and what types of inclusion there is in different countries.

    I have more knowledge about people with different disabilities, I understand better how they function and that some things are just impossible for them, I know better how hard they have to work to feel included and of course how it depends on a society, how included they are. 

    I was very fascinated, when I learned, that practicaly in all countries, I was exchanging experiences with, they have children with all any kind of disability included in regular schools.

    But if somebody wants to be open, needs to know a fey facts about a host country, its culture, cities, etc.

    In Sintra.

    Cabo da Roca.

    Sesimbra - California.