Integrative And Interactive Approaches To Teaching Through Art in Fira, Santorini, August 2021

  • Integrative And Interactive Approaches To Teaching Through Art in Fira, Santorini, August 2021

    We were a group of 16 teachers from Slovenia, Spain, Czech, Poland, Romania, Croatia on the course Integrative And Interactive Approaches To Teaching Through Art.

    As usually we had to get to know each other. We managed to do that with through many ice-breaking techniques. They are in the attached file.


    We got some insights into different education systems, by introducing our countries, cultures and schools.

    We were learning how to teach the content of traditional school subjects through Art and improving our pedagogical competences. With cooperative work in pairs and groups we were developing communication, collaboration, presentation, problem solving, negotiation, critical and creative thinking skills.

    We were provided with creative ideas for engaging students in innovative ways in the museum experience and we experienced them, of course. We learned new ways and developed dispositions for teaching and engaging learners with an eye to the role of Art. Practical learning mechanisms with a participative and creative approach were used through all the activities.

    Our task was to create a billboard, which would be interesting, attractive, with a message. We were supposed to achieve that by using complementary colours, appropriate fonts, dimensions of details and their layout, background colour etc.


    We went on a cultural trip to Oia and Pyrgos, both interesting historical villages.

    We created an animated story by using a stop motion technique.

    Stop motion.pdf

    We also visited a Museum in Fira and ancient archaeological site in Akrotiri.

    We brought an art masterpiece to life.


    At first, we had to design white collars.

    We transformed into members of a scientist guild of medieval ages.

    By seeing an art masterpiece, we had to create a story behind it, a “backstage” happening. Our goal was to perform an autopsy, that’s why we needed a body. We had to discuss in our guild which person would be the most suitable corpse, we needed pros and cons for our decision. We designed a billboard, which would announce the important event, the autopsy, decide who would be invited, what would the price of the ticket be etc.

    Then we had to transform ourselves into one person who was present at the autopsy and write a letter to someone about the happening.

    We were also a stained glass artists.

    Stained glass.pdf

    The feelings are important, and we need to express them. We can also use colours for feeling’s expression.


    We think the pictures speak for themselves.

    All our art masterpieces are presented on this link: