Educational visit at Istituto Maria Ausiliatrice, Soverato, October, 2019

  • Three teachers, Jasna, Petra and Bojana, visted Instituto Maria Ausiliatrice, private catolic kindergarden, primary and secondary school, in Soverato, Calabria. 

    The building is old. On the 26th of October they celebrated the 75 th anniversary of existence.

    They were preparing a celebration, mostly singing.


    Erica, the Jump association trainer, guided us through the kindergarden, school, school courtyard. 

    We observed different lessons in different classrooms. We found out that their school system and the methodology of teaching is different than ours. 

    They don't recognise pupils with special needs. Parents may finance a teacher who is with a child through the lessons and helps him. Sometimes in the classroom is a volunteer who helps pupils. 


    A volunteer in the 1st Class:

    Pupils drew pictures for us at the English lesson.


    At the afternoons we had sessions with JUMP trainers and other paticipants of job shadowing and outdoor learning. We discovered projects, common aims, discussed about the observed lessons, about the traditional and modern teaching methods, about school systems in Italy, Greece, Litva and Latvia. We creatived innovative lessons to be delivered the next day at school.


    We had a mission impossible on Monday afternoon. We had to ask inhabitants some questions about their place Soverato. It was impossible, becuse they don't understand English.


    On wednesday afternoon we met a local artist in Santa Caterina. We had a typical Calabrian Dinner.


    We had a full day excursion to Badolato on Thursday. We colected olives in an olive plantation. We visited a local olive oil factory and local promotors of Calabrian traditional food and a crafts store.


    We visited Soverato Superiore on Friday evening. We offered a "potica", the typical Slovenian cake with walnuts, to the other participants from Greece, Litva and Latvia.

    On Saturday we had a full day excursion in Reggio Calabria. We travelled by local train.


    Thanks for those new experiences and knowledge goes to the JUMP association.