Activity: Pupils turn into reporters

  • Date: 14 & 17 May 2019

    Topic: “Reportage about Messolonghi lagoon”

    Location: Messolonghi lagoon, Saltworks of Messolonghi + Working at school

    Teams: 6 (4 teams consist of 8 students and 2 of 9 students)

    Activity Goals

    • To make a reportage on a real field with the joy of observation and research, cooperation and creativity.
    • To play the role of a reporter
    • To take an interview in real conditions.


       Main objectives:

    • Learn how to select information on a real field, evaluate it and use it to write an article.
    • Learn how to prepare an interview (questions etc.) and carry it out.
    • Boost critical thinking
    • Boost teamwork skills
    • Boost communication skills

        More objectives (Indirect):

    • Teams will comprehend the inter-dependence and interaction between man and the environment.
    • They will cultivate their evaluation abilities towards human interference in the lagoon and the measures taken for its protection.
    • They will develop a responsibility code and sense of personal contribution to the solution of environmental issues that degrade the lagoon.
    • Teams will comprehend the procedure activities that the lagoon supports (fishing-commerce), how if contributes to the cultural value of the area (traditional fishing, traditional architecture, customs and tradition, monuments, history, art).
    • They will come to think about the fundamental questions such as: to what degree can humans intervene with the environment?
    • The teams will understand the procedure activity of the salt-works which function respecting sustainability.


    Notice: Pupils for this activity will use some of the material distributed at Messolonghi Environmental Education Center (EEC of Mesolongi)

    • Resource Sheets (attached)
    • Mobile phones/cameras, pencils, spare sheets of paper.
    • Guided tour by an expert
    • Field study at the Messolonghi lagoon and Messolonghi saltworks.


    • An article on each topic. Some articles will be posted by the local press/blogs.
    • A podcast/video of the interviewee fisherman. (see the results)


    • Students are divided into 6 mixed-nation groups. Each team has a name, the red team, the green team, theyellow team, the blue team, the dark blue team and the white team. There will be a coordinator teacher for each team.
    • Each team will cover a topic:
      • Interview from a local fisherman
      • Traditional fishing
      • The role the Messolonghi lagoon played in The Greek War of Independence of 1821. Myths and legends
      • Human activities and consequences – Threats
      • Messolonghi saltworks – desalination
      • Fauna of the lagoon. Birdwatching
    • Students are going to make a field study at the Messolonghi lagoon and Messolonghi saltworks with the help of a specialist in that field.
    • Each team should collect information through cooperation, observation, research, asking questions to the specialist, taking photos and taking notes.
    • Activity will continue on Friday 17 May at school (General Lyceum of Vrachneika)
      • Each team will write an article about the topic they are covering, using all selected information.