Create your own European frontpage

  • Activity: Create your own European Frontpage

    Date: Wed 30th January

    Topic: Diverse Perspectives on current headlines”

    Place: School - Computer lab

    Teams: 8 international teams (8 Students each team)


    A digital newspaer frontpage. (see the results)

    Activity Goals

    • Critical thinking
    • Gain social skills.


    • Learn to work in teams.
    • Improve English language skills.


    • Newspapers from the 4 countries.
    • Post maker tool (
    • A computer for each team


    • Students are divided into 8 groups of 8 students. Each team will decide a name for the team. For instant the red team or the “Critical Thinking team”. There will be a coordinator teacher for each team.
    • Each team will get the copies of the newspapers.
    • Students are going to make a study at the newspapers. A student from each country will explain what is written in his/her newspaper.
    • Each team has to cooperate so as to create the European frontpage.
    • At the end of the activity, each team has to give the frontpage (poster)  to the teacher who is in charge of the team.