Greece: Broadcast a Live Radio program

  • On Friday 17th May 2019, 12:00-13:00, the last day of our 2nd short-term exchange in Patra-Greece, a team of 8 students and 4 teachers from all participating countries broadcast a radio program inspired by the meeting. They talked about the activities which took place during the meeting, the sights, the food, the host families and their impressions in general.

    The radio program was created and broadcast in common with the Experimental Lyceum of Patras University.

    This radio program was broadcast by UP FM – Patras’ university radio ( You can listen to the radio spot by clicking here.

    The radio program was created by the students: Anastasia Zafeiropoulou (GR), Ioanna Pana(GR), Leonidas Karapatakis (GR), Peter Solja (FIN), Leonidas Pearl (FR/GER), Marie Thirion (FR/GER), Andrea Rico Jiménez (SP), Alba Sicilia Tafalla(SP)