ZŠ TGM Borohrádek, Czech Republic

  • Our introduction video


    Christmas activities


    Communicating with our foreign friends 

    Letters for our friends from Ukraine :-)


    Mystery Skype Call between the Czech and French school. :-) 



    We awarded the best Freerice players from our school. There was a Freerice party for them - we had a lot of fun and the best players got free pizzas.


    Our HeartHeroes T-shirts


    HeartHeroes Project Day at our school

    TV reportage


    Our one-take video


    Our campaign

    With our students, we decided to motivate the whole Czech Republic to do good deeds. We are organizing an event which motivates people to be part of our chain of good deeds. And of course, it is linked to HeartHeroes.

    So we created little cards that should motivate people to do good deeds, we came up with over 50 good deeds ideas, we created a website, a Facebook page and an Instagram account. We have started recently, but many good deeds have been done already. Many of them have been done by our students, but other people have started to join too. 

    You can find us on www.instagram.com/heartheroesczwww.facebook.com/heartheroescz or our website https://heartheroes.wixsite.com/czech

    And below you can see some examples.

    We came up with our original hashtag #dobroskutkuj which means something like "do good deeds".


    Our students made 169 bookmarks with positive messages and quotes and gave them to readers in a library.


    This class created Good Luck Cards for our oldest students before their important exams.


    Our students make different cards and write letters to make others happy.


    Our students with the cards they created. The cards motivate people to do good deeds.


    This reportage is in Czech, but you can see two groups of students - one performed an audio fairy tale for younger children and one cleaned a nearby forest.


    These students organized an event to support an animal shelter - students and teachers brought food for animals. to our school We, teachers, have already taken the food there and the animals in the shelter were so amazing! And in a few days, the students who took part in this event will visit this place - they will love it :-)


    This video is in Czech, but you can see the wonderful animals that we helped.


    Some students keep doing good deeds in their free time. These girls cleaned a nearby forest.


    Students create various handmade presents that they give others.


    These are the cards we use to spread our chain of good deeds. 


    These students wanted to thank firemen for helping people. They created these posters and gave them to nearby fire brigade stations.


    These students created cards with optimistic quotes and positive messages. There was an event for seniors, disadvantaged people and children in a nearby town. These students volunteered there and also gave these cards to the visitors. :-)


    This class created cards with positive messages, stuck vitamin candies on them and gave the cards to a local pharmacy. When people with health problems go there, the pharmacist gives them the cards to make them happier :-) 


    Our students visited a nearby retirement home. They gave the pensioners handmade products, read to them, went for a walk with them, talked together about life, played board games... It was great!


    We spent a week in England and our students proved that they are HeartHeroes. Two girls injured their ankles and they couldn't walk. But their friends took turns and carried them on their backs. They also created cards with optimistic messages and gave them to random people.


    Before Christmas, we created handmade products, sold them and donated the raised money to an organization helping people with disabilities. We visited the organization in May and we had a great time there. 




    And the last HeartHeroes activity organized by our school

    When we heard about a young disabled sportsman living in our region and his dream, our school immediately decided to help him. His name is Adam and he can move only with his head and fingers, but despite this, he managed to successfully graduate from high school and become very successful at boccia - a sport for disabled people. He has been working really hard and won a lot of medals - this year, for instance, he won a world tournament in Canada. And his big dream is taking part in Paralympic Games in Tokio the next year. But going to tournaments abroad, which is necessary to be able to qualify, is very expensive because of the fact he has to travel with three more people, a very heavy electric wheelchair, machines helping him breathe and cough, sports equipment, etc. So our school made a video about this young man - we interviewed him and his mum, recorded them playing boccia, shared his story with the public, started collaboration with a non-profit organization helping disabled people and we also organized a big school charity run. Thanks to these activities, over 3,300 euro has already been raised. So at our school, we are very happy and proud because this boy really deserves to fulfil his dream. It was great to see our students writing letters for him and supporting him. We believe that this kind of experience is so important for our students. And in addition, we think we have shown that even a school from a little town can help to make the World better :)


    This is Adam and his mum.


    This is the video that we created at our school. It has been shared a lot on Facebook, it already has over 11,000 views there.


    TV reportage about Run for Adam.


    A few photos taken during Run for Adam.


    Our students wrote letters for Adam.


    Our students helped a lot with organizing the event.


    Adam was abroad when the event took place, but his mum took part in it.


    "Adam, we support you!" and signatures of all the students and teachers from our school.