6 Christmas/New Year Cards

  • Let's exchange Christmas/New Year wishes. 

    A) Exchanging Christmas/New Year Cards via mail

    Thank you very much for sharing your school addresses! You can find all of them HERE.

    There are 9 schools that want to take part, which is great :-) That means each school will send one envelope to each school - don't worry about the number of cards, it is important that each school will get at least one card from each participating school. Of course, if you can, you can send more cards (or you can add a postcard etc.). It is the best way of how to do the exchange as each school will receive various cards from different countries and we can exhibit the cards at our schools. (I know someone suggested exchanging the cards with just one school, but in fact, it is much harder to organize and it can be pretty confusing - it is hard especially because of different numbers of students, different quality of cards - some students are sad because they don't like their card etc...).

    It would be great to send the cards soon because sending takes some time and it would be perfect to get the cards before Christmas. So please, try to send the cards as soon as you can. Thank you very much :) 

    B) Exchanging Christmas/New Year wishes or traditions online

    You can share your Christmas/New Year wishes in the discussion below.

    And of course, Christmas/New Year time is great for doing good deeds :)