Project plan

  • 1) Introduction videos: October 2018 - Each school will make a short motivational video where students will just say a few words - e.g. Hello, we are HeartHeroes from ... and together with you we will make the World a better place. … They can use a quote about helping others etc.  ​

    2) Introducing HeartHero diaries to students: October 2018 - Each school will introduce HeartHero Diaries to their students.

    3) Let’s start!: October 2018 - June 2018 - Students will start doing good deeds and will share photos/videos.

    4) Let’s communicate and have fun!: October/November 2018 - June 2018

    a) Activities to let our students communicate and interact not just at school, but even in their free time.

    b) Videoconferences or chat sessions at school - this will be arranged by teachers anytime during the project.​


    5) Freerice: November - June 2019

    Freerice is a project run by The United Nations World Food Programme that helps to provide life-saving food for people in need.

    It is an educational game For each correct answer, you earn 10 grains of rice.

    We have our own group where we can see how we have contributed.


    6) Christmas activities: November/December 2018 - we will share Christmas wishes or cards


    7) HeartHero T-shirts - February 2019 - students will create HeartHero T-shirt designs and if possible, will have them printed /the designs can be drawn as well/.


    8) Collaborative video - March/April 2019 - we will create a motivational video based on our project. Students from each school will record a short video where they say a few words about what they have done and will say something motivational. The videos will be sent to the Czech school that will make one collaborative video showing good deeds done by our students and their motivational words. This way we can inspire other people.


    9) Final campaign - May 2019 - students will inform about the importance of helping other people. This can be done in many different ways and it is better to plan it when we see how the project goes.


    10) Saying goodbye, final evaluation - June 2019