3 Let's start!

  • Students will start doing good deeds and will share photos, videos or stories in the project journal.

    October 2018 - June 2019

    Students can do various deeds. There is a lot of inspiration online - just search "good deeds ideas", "random acts of kindness" or "ways to brighten someone's day". There are many ideas and videos when searching for these. One example of a useful website is Good Deeds Day.

    Also, below we can share ideas for HeartHero challenges. 


    We do it all year around


    1. Do you recycle? In Urdaneta School we do it every day! This planet is suffering from our mistakes and it needs to stop! We have to achieve to live in a better place. We are the only ones who can change it. That is why in Urdaneta School we are so conscious of this problem and we have `PLASTIC AND CANS´, `PAPER´ and `ORGANIC WASTE´ containers to recycle the way we have to, to save our planet, our home.



    1. Do you know that the plastic that is used for tops is better quality plastic? In Urdaneta School we know that very well. We collect tops from plastic containers or bottles to earn money because that plastic is made out of better materials. That money is collected to give it to families who have children suffering from a strange disease.  


    1. Can you imagine not having any toy to play with? Unfortunately, many children all around the world do not have enough money to afford not even a toy during their whole life. Therefore, we collect toys that we do not need, or we do not use anymore. All that clothes go for children who live with no resources and have tough lives.


    1. In Urdaneta School we sell T-shirts with Urdaneta´s logo to collect money for children who need it. It is very important to take advantage of different things we have in this school and help them as best as we can.



    1. Every time we use the projector to see something, there is one switch that is not on, to save energy at school. There are so many lights in our school and it makes no sense to have all of them on at the same time. It is a huge expense. That is what you should do every time you do not need that much light.


    1.  Our little kids in their garden make fertilizers out of the food left overs.

    Ideas by Campus de Pouillé (France) 

    Hello everyone!

    My three colleagues (French and German language teacher, biology and environmental issues teacher, cultural arts teacher) and I (English teacher) have come up with some ideas of heartheroe challenges. I would like to share them with you. Your ideas would also be inspiring for us so don't hesitate to comment or add any new ideas!

    So here are some of our ideas:

    - October/ November: environmental + eating healthy food challenges.

    Our students will go on a 1 week school trip during which they will not use the car or public transport to reduce carbon dioxide. They will only use their bicycles. Also, the students will be given a budget to buy local and organic food, and will do the cooking themselves. They will take photos and make videos.

    - December: A toy for a child Christmas challenge. The students will collect used toys among friends and relatives to donate to a children's charity. They will make posters that they will post in their school to collect as many toys as possible.

    With the cultural arts teacher, we will make Christmas cards for each partner school.

    - Environmental challenge: Collect waste next to our school and weigh what we have collected. Photos will be posted on the school's website and Facebook page.

    - Food awareness challenge: At our canteen, weigh the waste from school lunches and expose how much food students throw away every day.

    Photos will be posted on the school's website and Facebook page.

    - Social fundraising challenge: Make / sell our apple juice (our school has an orchard and plant nurseries), create an awareness poster to raise money for a charity.

    - Old people challenge: A heartheroe action at a retirement home: to be defined.

    - Spring: Environmental challenge. Create an organic vegetable/ plant garden on our school premises to raise awareness of the ecosystem, biodiversity and collaborative work among students.

    We look forward to reading your ideas!

    Claire (and Géraldine, Romain and Lore)


    Below you can see some examples of good deeds done by our students.













    "Saint saint Cyril and Methodius" Secondary School - BULGARIA

    Bulgarian HeartHeroes take participation in series of charity events throughout the school year. In this events we sell different objects, which we have made in advance. We also raise money for the children in need from our school.

    Besides we recycle at school mainly cans and paper.























    Saint saint Cyril and Methodius Secondary School - BULGARIA

    We have organised the Christmas charity event, selling Christmas cards and raising money for children in need from our school. We have made beautiful posters about our project, displaying them at our eTwinning corner at school.