5 Freerice

  • Let's help to provide life-saving food to people in need while getting smarter and having fun! :)

    Freerice is an educational game run by The United Nations World Food Programme. While playing the game, for each correct answer, you earn 10 grains of rice for people in need (the money is raised thanks to adverts that are shown on the website). The rice is then given to people who need it because of disasters, poverty etc.

    There are various topics (including English grammar, vocabulary, basic Maths, Geography etc.) and various difficulty levels. You can see how many grains you have earned, you can compete with your friends and other players, you can be awarded with various badges.

    We have our own group called HeartHeroes. Thanks to this, we can see how many grains our HeartHeroes Team has gained, we can see top players in our group, we can compete with other groups and show the World that HeartHeroes can make a real difference!


    What to do:

    1. Go to https://beta.freerice.com/

    2. Click on Your Profile and register. Write your country abbreviation before you write your nickname (e.g. CZ_Michal - CZ for Czech Republic, TU for Turkey, FR for FRance etc.)

    3. Go to Groups - type this group code 6DGVEN5H and click on Join existing group.

    4. Go to Categories and choose the topic that you like.

    5. Go to Game and start helping people in need while learning and having fun :)

    6. You can see how much grains you have earned if you click on Your profile, you can see how many grains our team has earned if you go to Groups - Go to my groups, you can compare your score and our group's score if you click on Leaderboard


    Challenge 1: Let's see our group HeartHeroes among Top 15 Groups! - completed!

    Challenge 2: Let's make HeartHeroes the best group in the World! 

    Together we can do it!

    And we did it!


    And a few pictures from a Freerice Party for the ebst players from the Czech school.