10 Saying goodbye, final evaluation

  • Participating students and teachers evaluated the project. Also, we have received feedback from other people.


    We all agreed that our project was successful and in addition, both students and teachers have suggested going on with HeartHeroes in the next school year. We have already come up with new ideas and improvements. 


    Here are some opinions on our project:

    Another excellent chance for everyone to see that doing good deeds costs no money, but it brings back poweful benefits that go beyond words. We acted, we went beyond being compassionate!

    One of the best opportunities to evolve, big impact on self growth. Rich  in rewarding and improving relaxation and feelings of pride and self esteem. For my students and me this project was the best etwinning project I took part in. Marinela, Romania


    A wonderful project that made my students think more of others, of everything that surrounds them: people, animals, nature. We were part of many activities that raised awareness of the precarious conditions of others, of climate change, of people / animals in need. I saw the humane side of my students in a different way - this project helped make them more sensible to the needs of others and this is great. Lots of memories for both teachers and students to share. Heart Heroes made our school year special!Thank you, dear partners, for the wonderful collaboration! Tatiana, Moldova


    We did very good work in this meaningful project. Together we have tried to make our world better. We provided students with entrepreneurship, foreign language skills, sensitivity, recognition of different cultures, and the ability to use ICT. We were with disadvantaged groups. I'm lucky I did these things with you. THANK YOU ALL! Canan, Turkey


    We have done good things and will continue to do. Mert, Turkey


    I have taken part in several projects, but I find this project the very best one! I have just finished completing our TwinSpace pages so I could see all the pictures and videos at the same time. We have done really a lot! All the good deeds, charity events, acts of kindness, videos, letters, Christmas cards, Freerice, …

    Our project has been really special. Of course, it is always very beneficial if our students use English, learn new skills, collaborate with peers from other countries and find out more about other cultures. But our project has brought even much more. Our students experienced the importance of helping others, making other people happy, protecting the environment and developing own skills. I believe that they will remember how it feels to do something meaningful and this experience will have a good impact on their lives. Besides, we have received wonderful feedback both from people actively involved and from the general public. Many people told us that we inspired them.

    I am really proud of our team and I would like to thank each participating school! Good job! Michal, Czech Republic


    This project was a great experience! My students gained a lot by learning from all of you and your good deeds. You inspired them (and me!) to do more good deeds, be more generous and nice with others, even with simple actions and words. This wave of European generosity was quite amazing. It was a human as much as a cultural experience. My students were proud to talk about the project to their friends and family... English finally became something real for them and meaningful! Personally, I have discovered a whole new way of teaching which is totally what it should be. I look forward to similar eTwinning experiences! Thank you Michal for initiating this great project and your positive energy! Claire, France


    Our students became more friendly with each other, their parents were very proud of them and the bondage among the students and between students and teachers has deepened. Rosa, Spain


    Best project ever. A wonderful chance for students to get more aware of their present, when they can build a better future for them and the world. A wonderful project! A great initiative! Best idea for all children and teachers , too!  We had so many different activities,  good ideas -  in so many and various domains.

    This project was a superb opportunity to engage students in heartwarming deeds. In cooperation and  working together doing good -  the students will discover great values to orientate their future, they will discover themselves and build a better human.

    Thank you to all the partners and to the leaders of our team! Manuela, Romania


    Thanks to this project we showed our students that it's so important and easy do good deeds. We made them think about other people, children, animals, nature around them. They did positive things for other with pleasure and awareness. Thank you very much our great motivator Michal, thank you very much all partners for collaboration!!! We enriched inner world of our students and it is worth spreading!!! Victoriya, Ukraine