7 HeartHero T-shirts

  • Students will create HeartHero T-shirt designs. This is a project activity that students really like. They can be creative and original.


    Students can use fabric paints and paint their own designs on T-shirts or they can create designs using computers and, if possible, have the designs printed on T-shirts.


    Students can use the picture of HeartHero, eTwinning logo, they can write various motivational texts etc.


    It will be nice if we can share photos showing the process of making the T-shirts and students wearing/showing their T-shirts on TwinSpace.


    January - March 2019




    Our Students have made beautiful

    Heart Hero Tshirts.

    They wish u all the best!!

    Happy Good Deeds Day eveyday!!

    Manuela Lazar, The Sports High School Botosani, Romania

    Sports High School Botosani


    Marinela Mitoceanu

    Every child has draw a  T-shirt  and they are very proud of their work.They are already doing a lot of good things helping other people being the best of they can.We are going ahead with  the good things!
    Students from Saint Saint Cyril and Methodius Secondary School
    Asenovgrad Bulgaria

    Czech students and their T-shirts


    Designs from Ukraine


    Designs from the Basque Country