My school

  • Our schools - please share ppt or pdf documents about your schools. they will be gathered in one document and shown to the teachers and students of VI LO in March 2019

    Hebbelschule Kiel_klein (2).odp

    VI LO Bydgoszcz

    This is the promotional video of "Hebbelschule Kiel", especially made for this project.

    And here is a promotional video of VI LO (VI Liceum Ogólnokształcące) directed by Jan Sokala

    Behind the scenes video by Wojciech Przybysz

    And a video created for October 14th - Teacher's Day. It's in Polish, but you can see our school here. Enjoy!

    Gimnazija Bežigrad


    This is a promotional video from Gimnazija Bežigrad for the project Speak up, even if your vooice shakes

    A promotional video made from our students for Open day (2014) - video presents myths and stereotypes about our school. It is in Slovene, however, you can still enjoy it while watching it.

    Here is a presentation of IIS don Lorenzo Milani


    Have a look at our promotional video for the Open Day 2018/19. You will know everything about the subject studied, the school organization, our projects and activities.