Dissemination in Kiel

  • The final dissemination event at Hebbelschule with our families, friends, teachers, the press and our principal Mrs. Wilms

    The students shared their experiences using the tools and (public speaking) skills they have acquired throughout the project.

    Students also SPOKE UP in a debate on the motion

    "Anonymity on the internet does more harm than good"

    With the revelation of the new project logo (designed by our student Jasmin Rai), we opened the new school debating club "Speak Up Debating Club". We are planning to be back in Bydgoszcz for Musketeers of Words 2020.

    Dissemination to the English Department and other Hebbelschool colleagues:

    Very inspired by the grand final of our project "Musketeers of words", we shared our experiences with our colleagues.

    We pointed out the benefits of DEBATING, in order to 

    • enhance critical thinking (by looking two sides of a topic)
    • bring more structure and logic into writing processes (by using the SEXI and important strategy taught by Miha Andric)
    • establish a debating culture in English class
    • establish a Debating Club

    Dissemination to the students of the Erasmus group:

    The students have reported on their experience in the debating tournament and the whole class watched the video of the final debate (Gimnasia Bezigrad Slovenia vs. High School No.1 Gdansk, motion: All traders should be allowed to refer to the conscience clause)

    Dissemination to other Hebbelschool students:

    Two classes of the 9th grade were introduced to debating: Impromptu games and a baloon debate (according to Mrs. Izbaner's materials)