Dissemination in Kiel

  • Extremely inspired from the mobility in Ljubljana, we've started the dissemination process after the winter break on 21 January 2019. As this is also the preparation for our last mobility, everyone is extremely excited and motivated.

    The task for the 6 girls and 2 teachers that went to Slovenia is to use the knowledge they have gained on debating and prepare the class, and especially the 8 participants that will go to Poland for the big showdown.

    Let's start with some nice impromtu games and a balloon debate:

    We quickly learned form the Balloon debate how chaotic a heated discussion can be when there are no rules. So it's high time now we introduced the Oxford Debate format for more structure.

    Everybody in the class had to be a speaker or judge at least once. The most desired roles at the beginning, however, were chairlady or bellgirl.

    Once we understood the roles of the four speakers, we also dedicated some time again to speech writing (and of course performing). Essential for the 1st and the 4th speaker.

    The knowledge we have gained throughout the second mobility of our project helped us alot.

    In the following weeks we prepared and debated the motions:

    This house believes that

    - beauty is more important than intelligence

    - every child should have a mobile phone

    - single sex schools are better for education

    - love is blind (The day before we left for Poland)


    With great excitement (and a little fear) we received the motions to be debated in Bydgoszcz.

    Also, we have finally build a team for Musketeers of Words: Sila, Tobi, Katharina and Greta.

    Jasmin will represent us in the international team.