Our Erasmus+ project: students' impressions

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    Carmela, Marina and Simone from Italy
    Annalisa, Erika and Rosa from Italy
    Emanuela from Italy
    Luca from Italy
    Hana, Tina and Urša from Slovenia
    Ana, Eva and Manca from Slovenia

    Our impressions on Erasmus+ project Speak up, even if your voice shakes

    Peter from Slovenia
    Ana, Neja and Laura from Slovenia
    Wiktoria from Poland
    Federica from Italy
    Virginia from Germany
    Wiktoria from Poland
    Costanza from Italy
    Mariapia ,Michelina and Carmela from italy
    Neja V. from Slovenia

    Impression about the Erasmus+project

    Eva and Lea from Slovenia

    Impressions about the Erasmus+

    Anže from Slovenia
    Julia W. from Poland
    Ana, Rok and Matej from Slovenia
    Fedor from Slovenia
    Anja and Jan from Slovenia
    Katharina, Greta, Marlene, Frieda, Jasmin, Gina, Janne and Sherin from Germany
    Tessi from Germany
    Kim and Tobi from Germany
    Selin and Jasmin from Germany
    Jamie from Germany
    Mary from Poland
    Katja from Germany
    Ania (from Poland)
    Monika from Poland
    Jakub Kujawa Poland
    Staś and Igor from Poland
    Jędrzej from Poland
    Mikołaj from Poland
    Zosia from Poland
    Jagoda, Kuba and Patryk from Poland
    Our experience: Julka, Ola K. , Mateusz, Ola W. and Misia :-)