Dissemination in Bydgoszcz

  • On Friday February 8th 2019 about eighty students from our school, the Speak Up Debating Society students included, participated in a debating event organised by students from our student council. Marianna Jucewicz, Stanisław Budzeń and Esmail Haj Obeid are keen debaters working under the supervision of Mr Krzysztof Hyżyk, an IT teacher and a debate coach from our school. All of them gave speeches on Oxford and parliamentary debates, the topics covering the structure of the debate and argument building. A big thank you to the speakers!

    February 13th 2019

    Wiktoria Witucka sharing our Ljubljana experience with her classmates

    February 14th 2019

    School Oxford debate competition organised by the school debate club, with Jędrek Szmyt acting as a chairman and a judge, Hubert Barłóg, Igor Bzdawka, Jakub Deszcz, Bartek Kowalski, Jakub Kujawa and Stanisław Moska debating. This time in Polish.

    Jakub Deszcz as the fourth speaker in the winning team of the "quarter-finals" and Jędrek Szmyt evaluating the debate.

    February 21st 2019

    Maria Michna and Jakub Deszcz giving a speech on our Ljubljana exchange.

    February 25th 2019

    Jakub Deszcz and his team from 2b win "VI LO Debatuje," the finals of our school's debating tournament organised by Mr Krzysztof Hyżyk and his  students. Congratulations:)