Dissemination in Ljubljana

  • Dissemination in Ljubljana 

    Dissemination to the English and History Department at Gimnazija Bežigrad

    Students of the project have presented their skills to other classmates and the final events have taken place in the classes where debate skills were developed throughout the school year. Some classes have been debating on the subject specific themes such as Roman history (History Department) and everyday topics (English). 

    Dissemination to teachers staff at Gimnazija Bežigrad

    On Tuesday, July 2nd, the project and its benefits was  presented on the Teacher's pedagogical conference at Gimnazija Bežigrad. Around 90 teachers and two headmasters listed to the lecture about the benefits of Erasmus+ project and the outcomes of TwinSpace and KA2 project. They were invited to attend a workshop on eTwinning in late August.

    Dissemination to the students of the Erasmus group

    Students have reported on the last mobility to Bydgoszcz and we have all watched together the final debate between our school and High School No. 1 from Gdansk. The final event has taken place on Thursday, June 16th. All students and teachers involved in the project have gathered to evaluate the benefits, advantaged and disadventages of the project. In a pleasent environment we have discussed aboutr our future plan while we are planning to have a debate exchange with the school from USA, Texas and participate in the debate event there. 

    Due to technical problems no picture of the event are available.