...Creative Crossword

  • Partners during their chat meeting can talk about different topics, for easier communication we suggest this activity:

    Small groups (in each partner schools) have to request answers for prepared questions (below) and the answers achieved from abroad they put into empty crossword fields (some squares are colored). At the end the teams are trying to create some word from highlited fields from the crossword. The winning team is the one with the longest word (connected to Europe / culture / everyday life...). 

    Possible questions:

    • Which country you have visited is your favourite?
    • Where do you want to go sightseeing in tne near future?
    • How many European countries have you visited in your life?
    • Who is your favourite singer / group?
    • What is your favourite school subject?
    • What is the title of your favourite movie?
    • What do you want to do after  finishing school (dream job / future profession)?