...what to prepare for box?

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    Each project partner (teacher with students in her/his class) prepares electronical files about their country and send them via email to all the project partners (to teachers - so students still don't know, who their partner schools are). Also some candies, postcards and 3D printings can be sent to partner schools (by post). Each teacher, after receiving the files and presents, puts them into one box in classroom (files can be uploaded to the USB key or can be printed if it is possible), locks it with a  3 digit combination padlock. So in each classroom there will be as many different boxes (different colours should be used to label the boxes) as the number of project partners.

    What to prepare for your box (which will be "sent" to the other European countries): 

    • file country.pdf (the file contains only prepared selfstanding letters from your country name, in random order)
    • file school_location.doc (the file contains the school GPS),
    • file students.jpg/students.avi (picture or video with the group of your students) (or link for jigsawpuzzle)
    • file information.ppt (general information about the country: population, capital city,  symbols ... - presentation)
    • file national_anthem.mp3 (your students could sing a part of it) 
    • file national_anthem.txt where they should translate the anthem's words to english) 
    • file interestings.doc (famous monuments, customs, food, music in your country... to be chosen by your students)
    • file school.pdf with 7-10 pictures, photos of your school (it will be printed - for posterwall)

    *make sure, that the file names say nothing about the country, so students first have to discover the countryname from the letters and the things in the box 

    If it is possible to send real post-parcel, you should send to each project partner's school address:

    • postcard from city / area (if not, sts can scan a real postcard and add their signatures/names there - the partner schools can print it)
    • candies made in your country / small presents