3.e - Christmas cards

  • Your Christmas cards have reached their destination. Not all of them, but it's probably the reason why we call it snail mail ;)

    Have a look at the pictures below and post your comments on the Twinboard.

  • Christmas cards

    France received cards from Slovakia and Greece

    Thanks a lot for your beautiful cards and Christmas wishes. We hope you'll get ours soon.

    Partners from Greece

    Thank you for your wonderful cooperation. We are very anxious to see our snails arrive. We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy 2019!!!

    Merry Christmas from Norway

    Our Cards are at a Snail Christmas party somewhere in Europe and will be reaching you all as soon as they can, in the meantime please accept our Christmas greetings.

    Slovakia recieved Xmas cards

    We enjoyed a beautiful Christmas greetings from France and Greece. Thanks a lot and we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

    Cards arrived in Norway

    We will be together in class on Monday and I'm looking forward to open the cards with the students.

    Thank you all for the lovely cards!!!

    Happy New Year from Norway!!

    Norway Xmas cards have arrived

    Thank you for your wishes, Slovakia

    France received card from Norway

    Thanks a lot for your card!

    All snails have arrived!!!

    Thank you for your wonderful cards!!! May you have a wonderful and creative 2019!!!