Step 4 - YOUrope, it's about you.

  • Europe has been constructed over time and it is a continuous “work in progress”. In step 3, you discussed the positive impact of Europe in your everyday life and the challenges Europe has to deal with...



    Now it's your turn to decide what will happen next and what you want for the future of Europe. You have to express yourselves and tell your own vision of tomorrow’s Europe, because you’re the ones who are going to make it!


    But we’re convinced this has to be done together. That’s why you are going to discuss together and collaborate in teams.



    It's not because you are under 18 and you can't vote, that you can't have your say. So you have to tell European leaders about your own vision of the future of Europe: in your dreams, what would tomorrow's Europe be like?

    You're free to choose the type of presentation you want, just be creative and original to convey your message!

    Each team should present at least 4 suggestions, but of course there will be extra bonuses for extra ideas!


    12/01/2019 for posting 4 suggestions (only topics + short description) to your team padlet (see your twinmail box)

    23/01/2019 for creating twinspace subpage per team, where you put all your suggestions in an impressive form (leaflets, embed videos, designs, interactive presentation, infographics...)