3.c - Christmas is coming

  • Christmas is coming!

    So here are new tasks for you
    to get into the holiday spirit
    with your team :)

    Task 1: in each team you have to find on youtube the most beautiful Christmas songs in all the project languages (French, Greek, Norwegian, Slovak and English), select one song in each language and send one twinmail to the teachers with the 5 links. Don't forget, you are a team, so discuss the best choices with your teammates.

    Task 2:  each teammate has to choose a picture which represents their idea of Christmas, something typical or what it means for them... Then each team (in particular students from the team who don't have exams) will have to create an animated collage (kizoa.com) and upload it to GD folder (see your twinmail box).

    BONUS - Task 3 (optional) to win extra stars - each national subteam can record a video, where all the team members from one country sing a Christmas carol / song in their own language... It's a great opportunity for your team to win 4 extra stars!!! All you have to do is make a short recording and send it to the teachers.

    Deadline:  Friday 21/12/2018