Poem about eggs

  • Here are poems about eggs.

    Each group can find a poem in the Internet or create alone:)






    Each group will add some verses

    Copy of Easter Party

    Remember to prepare your verse according to those rules:

    A verse should look just like in the example -

    • should begin with a question "What is an egg?
    • should have rhyming words in line two and four
    • should have 4 lines! 

    Please share your verse also online in Google document - HERE - https://docs.google.com/…/1yoz_XL4ZSx0_UuA5PXz8DX4ZTH…/edit…
    I hope you will enjoy this creative activity  - Jola Gradowska 



    Taken from 





    Es gibt so viele Eier

    auf jeder grossen Feier.

    Wir essen sie alle

    aber nur ohne Schale.

    Denn die Eier sind gesund

    und wir stecken sie ins MUND:)


    Drachen aus Dębie



    Scrambled eggs

    on your plate

    and you'll never

    be too late.

    Boiled egg

    for your dinner

    and you'll always

    be the winner.

    Chocolate egg

    from Easter Bunny 

    and your day 

    will be so sunny.

    Use some eggs

    and make a cake. 


    loves to bake. 

    Joanna, 3e Twardogóra, Poland 


    2. Great poem about eggs - think together:)

    Eggs - we use every day. - PINGUINS

    To cook, to bake, to play. - STORKS

    Eating eggs is cool. - TURKEYS

    Especially before going to school. - DRAGONS

    It's good to check nutritional values. - CUCKOOS

    Before breaking them to use. - PARROTS