LOGO ideas


    Ideas for logo

    Every school has to prepare some ideas for logo. Then we will vote and we choose one logo.

    In order to write the results, you have to click EDIT page, then write voting results and click SAVE.

    Voting results
    groups 1st 2nd 3rd
    CUCKOOS Kośnica 13 Bełchatów 2 Eger 2
    TURKYES Krośnica  Bukowa 3 Eger 1
    PENGUINS Ismayili Eger 2 Krośnica 
    PARROTS Opava 1 Eger 3 Krośnica 
    CROCODILES Krośnica 13 Bełchatów 2 Krośnica 2
    TURTLES Eger 1 Krośnica 15 Eger 4
    OWLS Krošnica 12 Belchatov 1 Opava 3
    DRAGONS Krośnica Eger 2 Dębie
    STORKS Krośnica  Krośnica 9 Bukowa 2
    EAGLES Eger 3  Bukowa 3  Debie
    SNAKES Eger 1 Krośnica 15 Eger 4
    PLATYPUSES Belchatow 1 Krosnica 13 Ismayili




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