Eggs Decoration/Eier schmücken

  • Class III from Krośnica (Storks)




    Decoration from Opava-Kylešovice



    The class 3 from Krośnica (Storks) made eggs decorations




    Ideas what to do with eggs




    Ideas from Krośnica. 

    GUESS who is behind Easter Eggs?


    Die Schule aus Dębie/School from Dębie



    School from Opava



    On plates

    1. What we did with eggs - ideas from Krośnica, class 7


    2. The class 6 from Krośnica made Easter decorations.

    3. Easter egg plate ideas from the Snakes - ZSP Udanin

    We were inspired by our friends from Krośnica - the photo behind ;) 

    And here are our plates ! Abracadabra! Tischlein, deck dich! Yummy! :D 

    And our delicious Easter Egg Plate Ideas! 

    And another group and their decoration  - class V 


    They're fantastic!!! Thank you for your participation!